Destined for Sunshine ☀️

For those that follow me and have absolutely no idea who why, how, or who I am. My name is Brittian Weaver, most know me from my blog post from Love What Matters.

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After my traumatic abusive experience with my adoptive father, I decided I could longer hide my truth and told the world my story. My adoptive father, however the only father I’ve ever known until recently, decided it would be in my best interest to videotape me nude without my consent.

These videotapes proved my crazy, overwhelming “memories” of my father physically abusing me as a child. In all honesty, I am overly grateful I found those disgusting videos on his laptop on that September day three years ago.

My memories were brought to reality, which ultimately saved my life. I, however, didn’t feel so hopeful when I first found these videos. All I wanted was my life to end. I lost my entire family including my mother. My mother knew of my father’s deceiving acts and chose to turn her blonde hair, blue-eyed, pale face the other way. Denial is her best friend. And my father is her kryptonite.

I was soon to follow in my mother’s footsteps, but the videos sent me a harsh reality check I needed. Because aren’t you suppose to forgive your family and support them no matter the circumstance?

The harsh reality opened my eyes to greatness, to real love, and to acceptance. So I promise dear sweetheart no matter how hard it may be to walk away. You deserve so much more. You’re a ray of sunshine destined for greatness. And don’t you ever forget that.

5 thoughts on “Destined for Sunshine ☀️

  1. A parent’s betrayal is very difficult to overcome. The betrayal of a mother seems far worse, because mothers are supposed to protect their children. Healing from this can take several years; sometimes people never overcome it.


  2. Looking back I can say that my trials have contributed to the person I am now. It’s still not easy all the time but I have a meaning and purpose that was only germinal in my youth. I’ve come to a place where I can almost ‘see’ some people headed for greater things. I’m not talking about worldly influence and power but rather, as you say, true love (agape). That’s the greatest gift of all. 🙂


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