5 Hard Truths After Speaking/Reporting Abuser

I wish I could look into your unfocused, exhausted eyes and tell you everything will be okay. Everything will work in your favor and there will no longer any more pain to endure. That once you tell your truth to the world everything will fall into place and will be rainbows and butterflies.

But I want to share with you the hard truths of speaking up about your abuser to authorities, loved ones, or even strangers, not to stop you from speaking your truth, but to prepare you for the possible outcome.

I was blind-sighted by the whole traumatic experience. I thought I knew what to expect. I was a teacher I’d dealt with quite a few incidents. But until the unspeakable happens and you are thrown into the fucking tornado, no one knows what to expect.

And no one has the right to judge you for how to handle the situation thrown at you. Just please ask for help if needed. You don’t have to fight this war alone. What I felt and how I handled the situations thrown at me, I made quite a few mistakes, and I want others to learn from mine. And that is why I am sitting here this very minute typing the “5 Hard Truth After Speaking/Reporting your Abuser.”

I am not a therapist nor a Doctor. I am just a warrior wanting to speak out and help others realize they’re not alone. I hear you. I support you. And I am proud of you. You’re so much more courageous than you feel. I promise you. I know talking/reporting your abuser was/is absolutely terrifying.

But now is not the time to crumble, this is the moment you want to rise and fight like hell. And I am here to help you and to guide you through this journey.

In the next few weeks, I will be doing both, vlogs and blogs explaining the “5 Hard Truth After Speaking/Reporting your Abuser.”

If you would like to continue on this journey with me please comment a ❤️ below. And to those that have questions you would like answered, please comment 👇🏻 as well. ❤️ Let us all change this demented world one small step at a time.


4 thoughts on “5 Hard Truths After Speaking/Reporting Abuser

  1. I reported the domestic violence, I had been experiencing but like you I had to wait for the right time. I still remember having to attend court. I ate a big bowl of pumpkin soup for myself later. I never eat pumpkin soup, without remembering the relief I had felt at finally getting some support.


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