This is MY YEAR…

December is finally here. December is such an overwhelmingly difficult time of year for my shattered yet hopeful beating heart. My heart longs so desperately for a family that no longer brings my hazel, freckled eyes joy only sorrow and despair. My Mother’s fake love consumed my every thought and emotion for far more many years that I would love to admit. My father hurt my body beyond words and locked my innocence away tight. Manipulation is how Tim, my adoptive father, imprisoned me for 25 years of my life. December the time of year for complete and utter happiness all around. But the few percentages of us that barely want to utter the word Holiday out of our pitiful mouths, I see you. I hear you. And I am here to battle this traumatic yet wonderful adventure with you. Please never forget, even on the worst of your days, that you are worth life no matter what your circumstance may be. Please don’t allow your anxieties to ruin your time of happiness. I spent quite a few years hiding behind my very own shadow allowing fear to team up with my oh so wonderful voice, Her. However, this year is MY YEAR. The year that I kick Her’s effing ass. I will no longer allow fear to haunt every muscle and joint in my body. This is MY YEAR of happiness. MY YEAR of laughter. Welp because I am not only on this beautiful, healing Earth to survive, I am here to thrive.

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